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Untitled - Macronympha - Insane Torture Device (Cassette)

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  1. Torture is when somebody in an official capacity inflicts severe mental or physical pain or suffering on somebody else for a specific purpose. Sometimes authorities torture a person to extract a confession for a crime, or to get information from them. Sometimes torture is simply used as a punishment that spreads fear in society. Torture methods.
  2. Dec 23,  · The 5 Scariest Medieval Torture Devices | What the Stuff?! - Duration: HowStuffWorks , views. 10 Famous Celebrities Who Ruined Their Careers - .
  3. Oct 18,  · Sometimes called a “Spanish donkey,” this torture device is made just like a carpenter’s sawhorse, except that the top of the horizontal board rises to a sharp peak. Prisoners were made to straddle the mule while heavy weights were tied to their feet. One of the actual weights can be seen on the left side in the above photo.
  4. Oct 19,  · In the s, doctors at the prison began using a torture device on some of the more unruly prisoners that became known as the Tucker telephone. The device worked by placing a ground wire around the big toe of a prisoner while fastening another wire, the hot wire, to the prisoner’s genitals. The telephone, which had been modified to send.
  5. Nov 14,  · referencing Insane Torture Device, Cass, Ltd, RE, C92, none The very first tape by Macronympha containing the earliest rumblings of noise from the classic duo of Rodger Stella and Joseph Roemer! The first tracks clocks in at almost 25 minutes and heavily focuses on the use of tape loops/5(13).
  6. Feb 04,  · Macronympha has been reformed as of and no longer includes rodger stella. the newest memeber is nick painter and joe roemer as always, is the main MACRO man. rodger has been releasing an endless rehash of old material but none is actually new or real MACRONYMPHA. joe roemer has a new hard psychedelic noise rock band called CASUAL APPROACH and their new CD is .

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