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Double Standard

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  1. double standard - an ethical or moral code that applies more strictly to one group than to another ethical code, ethic - a system of principles governing morality and acceptable conduct double standard of sexual behavior - a code that permits greater sexual freedom for men than for women (associated with the subordination of women).
  2. A double standard is a code or policy that favors one group or person over another. Double standards are unfair. If a teacher lets all the boys bring candy for lunch but not the girls, that’s a double standard. A standard is a way of evaluating someone, and a double standard is two-faced.
  3. Jul 29,  · double standard British English: double standard NOUN If you accuse a person or institution of applying double standards in their treatment of different groups of people, you mean that they unfairly allow more freedom of behaviour to one group than to another. She accused the local police of operating double standards.
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  6. By the resolution of 15th December , a double standard was adopted. This double standard of international justice he must find disturbing. The double standard of morality for the sexes must gradually be abolished. And no opposition was expressed in either the House of Representatives or the Senate to the abolition of the double standard.
  7. Synonyms for double standards include hypocrisy, insincerity, cant, dissemblings, deceits, deception, duplicity, falsity, impostures and pretence. Find more similar.
  8. Jan 15,  · Double Standards [McNaught, Judith] on piebeuastarenoxadetupaptothatmo.coinfo *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Double Standards/5().

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