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  1. Jun 26,  · A teaser rate generally refers to an introductory rate charged on a credit product. Credits cards and adjustable rate mortgages (ARMs) are both known for charging a low initial rate that helps.
  2. Jul 30,  · What the teaser doesn’t get into, although the show surely will, is the scandal that rocked NXIVM and led to Raniere being found guilty on seven criminal charges last June, including.
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  4. ‎Life is stressing you out? We know a way to keep you sane! Tease your senses with over a hundred triggers designed to relieve stress and anxiety. A perfect distraction to escape the dullness of reality and dive into a sensory paradise. TeaseEar is based on ASMR — the most progressive relaxation m.
  5. Also called teaser trailer, trailer tease. a short, edited promotional video to generate interest in an upcoming film and announce its release date: a teaser is a forerunner to full-length trailers for the film .
  6. 1. a person or thing that teases. 2. a drapery or flat piece across the top of the proscenium arch that masks the flies and that, together with the tormentors, forms a frame for the stage opening. 3. an advertisement that lures customers or clients by offering a bonus, gift, or the like. 4. tease (def. 8).
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  8. something used to put a female in heat. 1. A short film trailer (shorter than a full length trailer shown in movie theatres and in the beginning of VHS tapes and DVDs). Teasers trailers are used on TV, where the length of time is far too limited to run a full minute trailer. 2. One who leads one on (sexually) but perennialy holds short of having sex.
  9. 1. to irritate or provoke with petty taunts, playful mockery, pretended offers, persistent requests, or other annoyances, often in sport. 2. to comb or card (wool or the like); shred. 3. to ruffle (the hair) by holding at the ends and combing toward the scalp so as to give body to a hairdo. 4. teasel.

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