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Shout It - Speed Machine (2) - Speed Machine (CD, Album)

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  1. Thermonuklear Road Warrior 2. Bestial Fükkin' Warmachine 3. The Devil's Breath 4. Elektrik Exekutioner 5. Flight of the Nazgûl 6. Karpathian Napalm 7. The Blakk Krusader 8. Speed Metal Attakk Bütcher's first full-length album! A furious frenzy of speed, black & heavy metal - all brewed in a cauldron of analog & vintage recording material.
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  4. Jan 28,  · The album starts with some very solid moments with songs like Deceived, Feeder and Shout it Out. Then it seems to lose a bit of focus or inspiration in the second half. The very Ozzy/Sabbath sounding and feeling War Machine is the exception as a solid tribute like tune that will make you feel nostalgic and should go over well live/5().
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